Quality, not quantity.

But secure.

We have made quality our key principle. It’s not something we just strive for – we live by this principle every day.

Security is at the heart of our preoccupations. Our products also operate under cyber-attack and remain fail-safe.

Experience by Digital Green
Experience by Digital Green
Excellence by Digital Green
Excellence by Digital Green
Trust by Digital Green
Trust by Digital Green


Experience is not only about having +30yrs of Energy industry experience, +100 scientific papers, three patents, two PhDs, one professorship, winning two energy forecasting competitions, or having a wind power forecasting software running +10yrs for 3 German TSOs.

We believe that experience is not only about achievements, but it is about making hard choices in uncertain times and being accountable. At all times, at any circumstances.


Excellence can't be only characterized by aiming to have the most precise forecasting or by applying the latest research results such as deep machine learning or XAI or by having the best customer experience.


Trust can’t be gained by only providing security, by collaborating with leading experts in cyber-security or working for top-notch organizations, by treating the data as if they were ours, or by applying the same safety and privacy policies as Swiss Banks do since hundreds of years.

We believe that there is no trust without security and vice-and-versa. So build up all of our relationships on mutual trust and security.

We believe that excellence is not only about being neither the most precise nor the most perfect. But being excellent means knowing our customer perfectly to provide just what he needs when he needs it. As simple as that.

The Swiss Way to enable Energy Transition.